Feb 7/16 Sunday BJJ


Between being sick, injury, the sick baby, and work stuff… I have been keeping in lower on the attendance scale… 


Clip of the training before bjj… yep got some in…

4×1 km Rows, 4×10 31in Box Jumps, 4×25 reps of push-ups, random stupidity, stretching, and mat cleanliness.

Added 2 of those damn 45 lbs cross fit plates for a box jump max lol. Repped 2 of them. Not even sure how thick they are… Will measure next time.

Clip of us training…

Warm-up with movement exercises with help from my homeboy Nathan Hatton. We then worked on open guard partner exercises, positional sweep drilling, reviewed the scissor sweep to mounted crossed collar choke, and then we rolled 5 rounds of 5 minute rounds.

Boy was it warm… lol


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