Nov 22/15 Sunday BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 9:15 am… toe was mangled. Must have jammed it Friday rolling with one of the bigger guys lol.


Yep dismantled

Oh well still showed up…

Got some rowing in…

Tried to box jump, but my mangled toe got in the way… ended up only doing 30 push-ups then worked on the heavy bag for a few 4.0 min rounds.

Bag work is fantastic for getting the upper body to move with all those fast twitch muscles you rarely use while when your just grappling lol… sometimes I do miss striking and stuff, but when I think about getting punched or kicked in the face that all seems to change lol

Yep got a video clip below…

The homies got in around 11…

Even got work in with dribbling and shooting on the basketball night… fun fun lol before things got going.

Nathan ran a standard warm up…

Then got them to do a few drills…

Then we reviewed the flower sweep…

Then 5 min rounds of rolling till 12:30pm…


Great job guys!


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