Feb 3/16 Wed BJJ

Seriously though I’m like 10 days behind.

Between sickness, injuries, baby and him getting sick, family stuff and other work life opportunities this blog is behind… not that it matters. Only random BJJ gibberish anyway.

Homies be like what what… got to LEMMA around 5:15 pm this day….

In my head I was like what was the point… wasn’t gonna roll anyway. Either way, I bought a new wrist support brace system from Shoppers… thought I was gonna roll. Popped ibuprofen before I headed to the gym, which was great… ibuprofen, helped out for the warm up and pretty much throughout the course of the night actually.



Mike ran the warm-up, with standard running around the mats, inside/outside karaoke, forward/reverse shrimps, forward/reverse rolling, bear crawls, and possibly others… I forget lol.

Thor then had us review lateral drop throw… got a nice video below for reference.

Partnered with Tony and repped that out… tonnes lol

Thor then had us review the inside leg trip when your partner defends by stepping around to defend the throw… nice reference video below.

Partnered with Tony and repped that out… tonnes again lol

Thor then got us to review the flower sweep which we repped out… one of the newer white belts joined us for this session of review. Poor guy still trying to figure this out. Complete resistance of working technique lol… white belt stuff. Being a horrible training partner. It was ok for me, definitely won’t help other white belts lol, by resisting that much, especially when all you are doing is trying to figure out the movements. Yes I told him…



The reference I always use for my variation of this sweep below…

Then it was the rolling arm bar when your partner post to defend the flower sweep… a  good video reference is below.

We then rolled… I’ll be honest, I wasn’t planning on rolling, but one of our black belts invited me to roll. When a black belt ask you to roll, you roll, regardless. Our rolling session below.




Nov 22/15 Sunday BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 9:15 am… toe was mangled. Must have jammed it Friday rolling with one of the bigger guys lol.


Yep dismantled

Oh well still showed up…

Got some rowing in…

Tried to box jump, but my mangled toe got in the way… ended up only doing 30 push-ups then worked on the heavy bag for a few 4.0 min rounds.

Bag work is fantastic for getting the upper body to move with all those fast twitch muscles you rarely use while when your just grappling lol… sometimes I do miss striking and stuff, but when I think about getting punched or kicked in the face that all seems to change lol

Yep got a video clip below…

The homies got in around 11…

Even got work in with dribbling and shooting on the basketball night… fun fun lol before things got going.

Nathan ran a standard warm up…

Then got them to do a few drills…

Then we reviewed the flower sweep…

Then 5 min rounds of rolling till 12:30pm…


Great job guys!


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