Nov 5/15 Kids BJJ

Jumped in to help up with the kids class tonight… slowly developing patience lol… slowly.


Thanks to Arin, Katrina, Philippe, and Travis, though… without the help not sure how to deal with little people trying to take limbs from you… especially 20 of them.


YES 2O little monkeys in Gi’s… well a few in Gi’s lol… slowly but surely… my addiction will be everyone’s… 🙂

Standard warm-ups…

Self-defence with the double neck grab, single wrist grab, then a 2 on 1 wrist grab drill with 2×2 min sessions, they then got to do a 10 min zombie game with them up kicking and guarding their face to protect their brain…

Then in 2 groups we had them sock flag wrestle for 10 mins… yes fun fun.

These guys have soooo much energy so… in their same groups I then got them to do king of the mat with first just working on getting a mount for 5 mins, then just working for a back take for 5 mins, then finishing with either mount or back take for 5 mins to be king of the mat.


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