Nov 4/15 BJJ

Open mat was yet full again… wow.

Awesomeness to all that showed up.


Warmed with the fellow Eric, the buddy with the shiny blue Fuji Gi again… great stuff. Long ass round lol.

BTW… he didn’t spaz… well a couple of times he did. But great stuff. Much improvement since our last roll.


Travis ran the class today… I warmed the guys up with the standard running around the mat, lunges, bear crawls, forward and reverse rolls as well as some shrimps.

Travis had us review a few side control escapes 3 in fact. First was a re-guard with a forearm to the neck with a z type guard, second was a bridge roll sweep, & third was a similar sweep with a deep belt grip and body lock.


Had a visiting black belt… didn’t get his name… Logan. Apparently he is in for about 4 days… I’m was hoping to get some rolling in with him… not sure what club he trained with… I had to bounce… fa family lol


Seriously though… if you missed out. Your loss…

Great stuff!

We then rolled… first with The Duncan, and the Mitch… 5 min or 4 min rounds.

My homie Mitch… if you are reading this lol




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