6 thoughts on “Robert Drysdale: ‘Another ADCC Goes By & Gi Grapplers Win Unanimously’ | Bjj Eastern Europe

  1. I totally agree that Gi grapplers that also train no-gi are better than straight no-gi grappler (all other things being equal).
    When you train with a Gi on you are used to being held down and your movement restricted, it happen all the time and you have to work with it. Once you take it off you feel like you have a ton of freedom!

    I think it’s a hell of a lot easier to go from Gi to no-Gi then the other way around.

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    • Friction… GI training adds friction. Your escapes, defences and technique usually has to be flawless, especially if all else remains equal.

      More attacks with the GI require a tighter defence.

      You can always take a GI trained grappler to do Nogi and roll sufficiently. Take a Nogi grappler, throw them in a GI… there will be issues. The friction provides a tighter game.

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