Friday Open Mat

I’ll be honest… every Friday, I sit at my desk at work thinking about open mat on Fridays and what I want to work on while rolling. I believe stretching after the rolling, and open guard sweeps… bam…


Plenty of people OTM last night rolling and boy did I get pushed… Nathan Hatton,  Matthew Thorburn, Matt Veal, Big Rig,  Gary Maki, Jared Maki, Alex Wawia,  Phillipe Jekker, Michael Hinsperger, Brock Peters, Juneau Barnett, newer guy big Henry, Henry’s buddy, & an older gentleman Don that came by to try it out!

Rolling: 10 min Rounds

1. Matthew Thorburn
2. Matt Veal
3. Jared Maki 17 min round
4. Matthew Thorburn
5. Juneau Barnett
6. Jared Maki, 15 min round

A short clip of us rolling last night!

Stretched for 15 mins last night… below is proof.

Hope to see everyone Sat 2pm or Sun 10 am



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