Dafack, Sunday Day Light Savings? this Sunday!

Thank god I moved my clocks ahead last night… with the day light savings time modification,  we lost an hour to our day lol… at 8:00 am the dog didn’t per usual lick me in the face to get up lol… I had to pick him up myself to encourage him to go out, get fed, and watch me have my coffee… hilarious…


Got to the gym at roughly 8:45 am and I was most definitely not motivated to do anything. I popped a few ibuprofen & man was I ever sore from the past few days…   No repping movements or anything on the grappling dummy… so i thought eh… if I’m not motivated… lets change it up and do some stretching and other exercises… till someone pops through the doors… sure enough daylight savings time change lol some of the guys were late… expected I guess… if no one showed up I would have got into the weights…

I really tried, I really did… just not motivated…

Sweeping bro…mad sweeps..

Got some stretching in, 2 sets of 25 push ups, 2 sets of 50 crunches…

Had to get more in… 2 sets of 25 push ups, 2 sets of 50 crunches…

Lifting soon!!

Sure enough Philippe, Mike, Nathan, then finally Travis arrived…

Warm Up: Took 15 mins
1. Pummeling, 2.0 mins, alternating
2. Modified single leg takedown, 2.0 mins, alternating
3. Drop Seoi Nage, 2.0 mins, alternating
4. Modified hip throw with submission, 2.0 mins, alternating
5. Duck unders to sacrifice takedown, then taking the back, 2.0 mins, alternating

I’ve been letting the videos run longer especially when I get a chance to work in some drills, accidentally of course… the my phone editor won’t handle 15 to 20 min… booo… will have to find a video editor to do such a thing… soon… very soon!

Technique: Sweeps

lol… I asked everyone if they had any issues, something we could trouble shoot or any techniques or stuff they wanted to work on… sure enough the guys wanted to review or asked for some open guard sweeps. The ones we worked on this morning are as follows:

1. Weighter Sweep @ roughly 1:15

2. Tripod Sweep @ roughly 1:12

4. Star Sweep @ roughly 1:22

5. Tomahawk/Hammer/Sickle Sweep at roughly 1:28

Mike, I’ve attached a video from YouTube by Jason Skully for reference with 51 other sweeps we will take a run through…  also an awesome breakdown from Emily Kwok… her BJJ is the bomb, she doesn’t switch the foot placement to the hips… so I guess it doesn’t really matter… or does it, pending on the angle of approach by your opponent? guess only mat time will help iron out the kinks…  enjoy!!

Jason Skully with 51 Sweeps

Emily Kwok Tomahawk/Hammer/Sckle Sweep from BJJ Weekly

I’m hoping Leo Oja’s self defense class for mothers and daughter went alright… had to cut the class earlier.

Hope to see everyone out… Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri or Sat… maybe even Sun…



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