Got to LEMMA around 1:30 pm… funny though Crystal was like, “dafack its sooo hot in here” lol… Morgan went through a de la riva entry, a sweep, and back take… I feel like this still is an area were our team up here need improvement… going to tournaments presented with guys that have mastered this guard offensively really hinders my approach for my top game, that being said training it and training with guys that are learning it to be one of their main go to guards will help my offence improve dramatically…

Partnered up with Luke… bad idea… dude has thick legs… myself short thicker legs… no dice my ankle kept feeling like it was getting ripped off… had to switch my angle too much for it to even be appropriate when faced with an opponent similar to Luke… I ended up working with Jared… that has longer thinner legs… a little easier to insert the hooks…

Rolling: 5 min rounds (45 sec breaks)

I recorded some rolling at super speed… 4 x times the norm… enjoy lol

1. Jared Maki, 1 x 5 min round


 2. Mike Maronese, 1 x 5 min round


3. Luke Augustine, 1 x 5 min round

4. Travis Duncan, 1 x 5 min round


 5. Morgan Frazer, 1 x 5 min round


 6. Gary Maki, 2 x 5 min round

 My rolling viddy with Gary is still editing in Youtube you may or may not have issues trying to view it… apparently the song writer doesn’t allow people to add their music to videos… BS… I ‘ll attach the video once its been edited with a YouTube approved song lol… 

Weird today… maybe it was all the ibuprofen I popped in the morning… I felt like I could roll forever. I was definitely looking to roll if you know what I mean… Morgan mentioned that was going to get the class to shark tank me… I was a little perturbed that it didn’t happen at the end of class, guess it was sarcasm… lol.

Yep, I’m 36 and feeling it… sometimes I feel like i’m 20 weird eh… watch for it… I will be blogging shortly about BJJ after 30… once I’m 40… I will do one then… enjoy your Sunday… I’ll be heading to Sunday morning BJJ shortly… hopefully I see you there!!



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