Fri Open Mat

Numm… num… went to Quizno’s right after I got home with the wife prior to going out to a friend’s house tonight with the baba… ordered the a 12 inch steakhouse beef dip… love the side of good oh wonderful aus jus, man I love aus jus… fast quick and delish, I could drink it at room temperature. TRUTH.

Been popping ibuprofen since Wednesday like candy… tweaked my lower back somehow… not even sure what happened. Got to to LEMMA at roughly 3:45 pm… Jesse, Brock were on the mat… Jesse was talking about the truck and other 10PJJ stuff stuff with Brock. Marc was reviewing some notes.

Warmed up with the first few rounds with Marc Perrier for about 3 x 10 min rounds… he wanted to work on a few things he picked up from the CD Morgan lent him with Liera Jr who trains with Atos… and the arm drag to back take from closed guard.

His movements and positioning slowly intensified… I always have to match… dude continues to have gas. The mat was dirty yet again… kept getting hair in the eyes… Respect the mat homie’s, it’s where we train.

Below is a viddy of me and Scotty too hotty rolling at supa speed x 4… from tonight

1. Marc Perrier, warm up & hard rounds, 3 x 10 min rounds, gas man… he wanted to work on some de la riva stuff lol

2. Alex Wawia, technical flow round, 1 x 10 min rounds

3. Brock Peters, hard round, 1 x 10 min rounds. Dude was out for blood… I was in defense mode the whole time especially with the back.

4. Scott Paradis, some fun and some technical hard rounds, 3 x 10 min rounds

Below is another viddy of me and Scotty too hotty rolling at supa speed x 4… from tonight

The guys may have been taking it easy on me… Got some stretching in with my lower back and legs for about 20 mins.. My lower back issue may be mainly due to the lack of stretching in which I have been avoiding lately to get home as quick as I can to hang out with the baba. Figured today would be the best day to restart my stretching routine as opposed to leaving right away… just means less rolling… I’m not getting any younger.

Got the big boys to roll with each other… wanted to watch some big boy technique lol… Alex rolling with Steve Ward, Philippe roll with Alex, then Philippe with big red. It was a pleasure to see Steve Ward out tonight. Hadn’t seen him since the Submission Challenge tournament in Minni we attended together…

Below is a small viddy of some of the other boys light speed x 7… Steve/Scott, Scott/Phillipe, Steve/Big Red, & Phillipe/Alex… notice me stretching lol… yes stretching… from tonight.

Philippe wanted a few corrections on execution of an escape while rolling with Mike for the front head lock escape with a sit out… I explained to him that he needed to execute the escape earlier and before Mike sprawled to maintain top side position, more development of his sensitivity.

Below is a small viddy of Philippe and Big Red rolling recorded x 6 times the normal speed lol… enjoy

Left LEMMA at roughly 7:05 pm. Overall, tonight was a good night considering my back the past few days… hopefully the condition remains minimal.

Below is a viddy compilation of 15 top BJJ matches found on Youtube…

Maybe we’ll see you out for tomorrow’s BJJ class Saturday 2:00 pm or even Sunday’s 10:00 am BJJ jam for those that are determined!

Enjoy your Friday night


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