Tues 8pm Stress Relief

In my line of work, there can be soooo much stress incurred due to relations and contractual requirements as a third party that’s involved with managing unreasonable and unethical request… my job requires me to be a hardass, by being decisive in decisions and see through the grey areas of not necessarily outlined.

What others may see as a business function or cost of business, I’m required to see through a set of eyes with a contractual, unbiased approach with an utmost ethical process. Dealing and working with a characters that will only see dollars signs doesn’t deter my decisions, but gives me insight on how greedy the business function may blur those lines of clarity. Demands, sooo many demands. At the end of they day… to them its all about cash flow. My job is to define whether their paper work is in order with the lines of the contract and their request are initially legitimate, legal, and within grounds of a general contract.

Thank god for BJJ… relieving stress is what keeps me in check everyday. Sometimes I feel like I’m dealing with a bunch of nagging babies… all they see is the greedy sales approach, I want this, I want that… lets see what we can get away with from this guy. My job can be stressful, constantly dealing with conflict resolution. I don’t like to feel threatened and let alone see others being threatened. Threatening for personal gain especially money or profit is low and downright crooked. Using a contract to misinform and disguise logic in a pool of needless paper work for getting paid or additional money should be illegal.

I feel that I’m fair and my decisions are always in line with the contractual terms, even when the area is grey… giving people the benefit of the doubt doesn’t exist in my line of work. Trust needs to be earned at first sight or they will attack you, for to them, it is a sign of weakness to be trusting initially. The best is while during a meeting they resort to bullying… yes bullying like a kid. Voices are raised and threats are thrown around… awesome. Dealing with grown up kids that want more toys from ‘Toys r Us’ isn’t always fun, especially when they are grown ass adults, with children of their own I might add. Like they deserve it or should just be given to them because of their god like lineage… they are from the blood of kings hahaha.

Entitled grown ass babies, that have a little understanding and that can tip toe around contractual legal obligations, can be a dangerous combination, especially when dealing with someone with minimal experience. To get taken advantage of by a child disguised as a grown adult can be deterring… similar to the mind games you have within yourself OTM… the struggle is real… the struggle is within yourself and your head!

BJJ is my outlet…

Note that there is a tournament in Minni I’m trying to gear up for… May 2.


Warm Up (with Drilling & Takedowns):

  1. Arm bars from closed guard, 10 reps alternating sides
  2. Hip bump sweep from closed guard, 10 reps alternating sides
  3. Kimura from closed guard, 10 reps alternating sides
  4. Omaplata’s with over hook, from closed guard, 10 reps alternating sides
  5. Triangles from closed guard, 10 reps alternating sides
  6. Marcellotines, 10 reps alternating sides
  7. Spinning arm bar, from side control, with under hook when partner turns into you. 10 reps alternating sides
  8. Modified single leg takedown (chest pressure & heal pick, from cross-lapel double fist grip break, maintain the lapel grip once placing between partner), 10 reps alternating sides
  9. Drop Seoi Nage, with under arm pit grip, 10 reps alternating sides

Below are a few quick clips drilling to warm up…

Technique (open guard sweeps):

  1. Weighter Sweep
  2. Tripod or Hook Sweep
  3. Star Sweep
  4. Tomahawk/Hammer/Sickle Sweep
  5. Balloon Sweep

A video from YouTube by Jason Skully for reference with 51 other sweeps we will take a r

Rolling (5 min rounds):

  1. Philippe
  2. Philippe
  3. Morgan
  4. Nathan

Below is a quick clip of us rolling, competitively I might add… almost got caught by Philippe in a straight foot lock… worked on an escape for over a minute. He almost went belly down before I escaped. Morgan caught me with a very nice Estima lock on the same foot. Foot locks have to be applied hard and fast, excellent. I had to tap quick or it would have snapped. Great job… won’t leave my foot dangling next time.

If your bored below is the 2015 European IBJJF Open from Sunday from Jan 25.