Thurs Oct 1/15 5:30 pm Kids BJJ


Happy Thanks Giving day Weekend everyone… yes still behind from last Thurs. lol

Good luck to all the IBJJF competitors today in Toronto today… wished I could have timed it better with our time away.


On a better note my little buddies teeth has somewhat finally sprouted lol… yep horrible nights but hey… teeth.

Steak soon for him…

This trip has been good and bad…

Good as in the family and friends we got to see…

Bad as in the ones we missed due to lack of time…

Better when i picked up these bags of coarse dried pepper flakes for traditional Kimchi… oh and Kimchi. BOOOOOOOM Shakalaka 


We shall catch you next time… timing.

Always fighting for time.

Wished there was 48 hours in a day. No dice however…

Holy cow last Thursday… patients, its all about patients.

Kids got energy I tell you… Energy.

I don’t envy our head coach…

I’ve had the pleasure quite a few times to fill in and help out but wow…

19 kids that night lol… quick clip below.

Lessons can be learned observing kids move and grapple, very natural. Things we avoid or learn not to do while growing up.

Watched these kids work on back taking… ridiculously flawless in attempts, the fluidity, the flow we all work on immensely to emulate the sensitivity of what a seasoned competition black belt has.


Any who had these homies warm-up with some standard BJJ movements, some drilling with arm bar and kimura movements, knee flag wrestling, and the take back take back… fun fun. Got help from Scotty to hotty, Katrina, Juneau, and even Erin. All I can say is wow. Without the help how do you keep these homies in check lol… the future of BJJ.



Just sticking with it will make us be…

We are who we are…

Life gets in the way sometimes…

But we have to continually try to train and strive for the best…

The struggle to make ourselves better…

BJJ does this, at least for me, that is…



#BJJfourlifeimageMORE Time OTM I guess.

Haven’t trained since last Thursday… weird… crazy… the anxiety… the itch. Yes I brought my GI, in the chance that I could sneak out…


Yeah sneak out… haven’t had a real opportunity yet.

However, plenty of time to prepare on our LEMMA In-house BJJ Tournament


With so far 20 guys signed up.

Fantastically Awesome
But seriously…

You need to start training!!!


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