Friday 13th Open Mat


Do we work to train?  abso-freaking-lutely… if your a BJJ addict…

Been off the mat since Tuesday… itching to get sometime in.

Got to LEMMA at roughly 4pm… no one around… could have sworn I posted something on our Facebook group page… oh well I will drill on my own with the grappling dummy until someone shows up. While putting on my GI pants at roughly 4:15pm phew heard someone opening the doors… awesome! Turned out to be Alex the beast Wawia… only thought in my head was great… i better get a really good warm up going. Alex is a 220 lbs white belt that has a back ground in yep… Judo. I’m currently about 160… 166 on a full beefy day. Alex is freaky strong,  fantastic top game, I’d say mid level to higher blue belt top game, tones of control, pin point i might add. Like rolling with a baby bear. Yep, glad the heat was on and I was ready to be fighting for my life on the bottom. We ended up rolling for about 4, 10 min rounds… very delightful I might add… he used no strength which was fantastic, only a few times he slipped trying to catch up, on the bottom what what! while defending a few of my new leg locks I’ve been trying to add to my repertoire. Steve walked in, Marc, Brock, Matt, Gary, Nathan, Mike, and then Anthony… definitely a good crew out. Awesomeness I was thinking in my head while trying my best to disengage on Alex’s guard passing only to take his back… while Matt was “yelling out what are you fools doing… UFC?”

1. Alex Wawia, 40×10 min, flow fast technical rounds
2. Matt Veal, 1×10 min, hard round, survive on bottom
3. Steve Maley, 1×10 min, hard round, technical, with a few straight foot lock attemps
4. Marc Perrier, 1×10 min, hard round with a vicious baby tiger.
5. Brock Peters, 1×15 min, hard round, survive on bottom with an ape.

Was hoping to get a few more rounds in… but had to get home… gotta have dinner with the wife, ma baba & hang out with the dog!

If you didn’t get out this time… hope to see you next, maybe tomorrow at 2pm or Sunday at 10am…  Open mat at 12pm on family day for the long weekend.

Remember BJJ is nothing without yous… we cry at the dojo to laugh in the battlefield,  the only place we can improve is OTM, might as well enjoy it while we can.

Below is a wonderful picture taken by my buddy Travis Duncan last week… hopefully he gets some time OTM this weekend while in Minneapolis at the Alliance BJJ club.

Intense hahaha



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