Jan 15/15 Open Mat

Got to LEMMA around 5:00 pm… only a small crowd OTM.

1 more day to catch up on BTW lol…


Signs that peoples NYE resolutions are starting to subside? Lol

Maybe its just injuries?

Could it be sickness or colds?

Darnish… I Got it!!!

Bad road conditions!

Let me just say this past Fridays weather just sucked… been through worse up here though. Been lucky this year so far. But for this year, it sucked. Sucked bad… considering the very mild conditions as of late. By mild, I mean 20 Celsius. I remembered last year -45 degrees Celsius now… yes lol nuts. Friday just happened to be a lot of snow lol. Soooo….much, I found out my 4×4 on my Jeep was blown… or seized. Whatever lol… got stuck in my works parking lot from about 7:00 am to 7:15 am trying to dig it out until the fellow we rent the office from came by to help nudge me out… hilarious. LOL

Honestly, this past Friday was a tell tale that I shouldn’t have gone to open mat lol.


Reality is I should have taken a dose of my own advice.
When your injured stay off the mat. Seriously though…


Hard to say, “you walk the walk, when you don’t walk it” lol…

Maybe it’s an ego thing even though. Especially when your injured. The best advice ever I’ve received from an experienced black belt.

“When you are injured, don’t show up to class… the temptation to roll is persuasive.”

2 steps forward, then 4 steps back lol… Too macho to realize it. Consequential, stay injured or make your injuries worse. Been kinda lucky with my ankle with all the reinforcement, ibuprofen, tape, and battle balm helping out. But man, between the toes, & now my wrist… body is telling me to take a little break… seriously. Lol


Ain’t I getting younger?

Either way I had somewhere I had to be for 7:00 pm… so I quickly set the rounds for 10 mins.

Only guys there were partnered up… again on 4 guys. Small group lol.



Either way homie showed up around 5:15 pm… so we started our roll at 5:30 pm. Naturally, I always acquaint my very first roll with a cool, lets warm up…  which was cool. The first 9:30 mins was cool… nice and light until the last 30 seconds. I felt a very deep collar grip sink in with all the hooks, looking at the clock 15 seconds left… no problems, defense kicked in, turned away, loosened up, buzzer went off and boom the collar grip went tighter… dfck? I spent a another 4 minutes defending that choke, then finally I got it cleared just above my chin when suddenly I could feel his body arch back with almost every muscle in his body trying to rip off my head… damn, with 30 seconds left… seriously, he wouldn’t let go… by this time after the escape, I was furious, spent, wrist, ankles and toe were not happy with me. During the escape I ended up in his closed guard… buzzer went off again and he started squeezing his legs lol…. like trying to squeeze the air outa me… wow,  in my head I was like WTF lol… maybe try bringing in your knees to your body to off balance me… either way I was angry. Really angry, spent another 6 to 8 mins working out of his furious closed guard lol… BOOM it finally breaks. I finally made my way to pass the guard, mount, worked for a top side cross collar and even a weak attempt on a arm-bar only to re-position myself with a deep collar grip with my right hand thumb in, good wrist by the way, while waiting for his away super powerful bridge and turn into me escape… I managed to grab deep under his left arm pit a very thick grip over his left shoulder which secured one of my favorite chokes… 

Weak side of course!

The paper cutter…

Which I’ve been subbed with numerous times by an old friend.

Dude moved to the dirty south for BJJ in Ontario, yep the MECCA Toronto lol…
A visit soon I suppose is indeed required… hard with the now baby duties. 
Missed those days. learned from the best, highly technical tactician for sure.  
All for what I ask?

Seriously what?

What did I manage to do… beat my training partner?

Heck my white belt training partner. To be fair though, he does have a few stripes, has been training off and on for a few years, so he kinda has skills… heck he could definitely defend himself against a bigger unskilled opponent off the street. He’s fitter, much younger, runs, strong legs and has a similar build to myself. I’ll tell you, I have more problems rolling with guys with my build then others… yep lol hardest roll is always against yourself… Maddens me though… not that my training partner didn’t listen to the bell and let go or effective try to roll technically… but I didn’t rise to the occasion and stop it but instead lectured him afterwards.

Dude…. the bell went off stop!

Instead I prolonged the roll and continued to progress for a better position and work for a win?

Win what? Dfck… where did it get me? How did I just improve my jiu-jitsu by doing what I did? Nadda I say… nadda.

I did nothing to improve my jiu-jitsu aside from further injuring myself!



You are your own worst enemy T-son!!!


Regardless, I guess, the exercise was ok… even though I know I won’t be able to roll for a while to non-healing, reoccurred injuries… yep.

Gotta take some rolling time off.

Doesn’t mean I still can’t train BJJ in other ways or forms lol

Still can do technique??

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