Wed Sept 30/15 5:30 pm BJJ


Yes way too long… got some to catch up… traveling. Boom Minnesota, Wisconsin, Chicago, Michigan, Windsor then so far the Kdubs… busy busy. Hopefully I can get some training in with Troop in Sudbury.

Word.. got to LEMMA on Wednesday around 5:45 pm.

Rolled with Morgo… fun fun.

Diesel ran the warm-up…

Coach then had us rep the
Osoto Gari, which is an outside foot sweep…

Nice clip for reference below…

He then had us review a sit up variation to a front sweep then a de la riva to a balloon sweep… I partnered with ma homie Justin the beasty Sillymon… yes dude is back from his UK trip… cray cray…

Cool clip I caught coach doing below…

We then rolled… 2 rounds of 4 mins with Justin… I think.


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