Getting back to this thing…

Wow… been soo long since I’ve been thinking bout this thing… just got a text from a buddy wondering a bout my Sundays BJJ format for the class I coach…

Since the wedding,  baby, everything has just beem sooo busy… BJJ… not to mention work. Might as well be today…

Attended an openmat and class yesterday, warmed up with Marc,  rolled with Juneau…. our Black Belt coach Keith… did a small demo on an arm drag to front pull down sacrifice to back take… pretty nice.  Repped it out with Trina, did a bunch of  passing and partner passing drills with Trina, Jesse (White Belt), Scotty (Blue Belt), Billy (Visiting Brown Belt), & Michelle (Brown Belt in Judo??… White Belt BJJ) fun fun… got some more rolling time with a visiting Billy, high level dude. Respectful, big, & super technical.  When he wants to be. Rolled with Scotty to hotty aways fun and finally the new girl Michelle… new to BJJ oddly enough, she’s definitely on her learning curve lol.

Just thinking bout Friday openmat… can’t wait….



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