Clip by Stuart Cooper Films… Allan Goes (Carlson Gracie) calls out Renzo Gracie for Metamoris Superfight

Published on Apr 29, 2015…

In this video Allan Goes explains how Renzo Gracie and himself shook hands and verbally agreed to a super fight at Metamoris. Its the one match left that Allan Goes from Carlson Gracie JiuJitsu wants to materialize before its too late as their is unfinished business between his side and Renzo’s side even though they have tons of respect for each other. This would be a great super fight between two legends of the sport and a great match for the fans.

Watch “Metamoris 6: Josh Barnett vs. Cyborg Abreu (Trailer)” on YouTube

As much as I don’t wanna support all the drama… Josh vs Cyborg… damn!

Was working on Cyborgs tornado sweep a few years ago, after seeing it being applied in Metamoris 1? by Buchecha?… stopped due to no real reason, upper shoulders was a little sore after repping it out… maybe I’ll try working it into my repertoire again?

Metamoris 6: Josh Barnett vs. Cyborg Abreu (Trailer):

Wahhh!! Metamoris Is Holding Secret Tourny this Weekend in California??

Joke… Kimbo and grappling?

Rumors’ have it that there are secret matches happening this coming weekend… with round robin styled matches… with posting of the matches till Metamoris 6??

kinda excited, something I will most definitely be blabbing about…

I’ve attached the link…

Interested I most definitely am… winner to face Josh Barnett?? cool.