Nov 29/15 BJJ

Got to LEMMA around 9:00 am… yep downed a coffee, ibuprofen, taped the foot up and rowed.


My right toe and ball of my foot was sore like a mofo… a 225 lbs white belt missing a single leg and smashing his knee into your foot, wearing a hardened knee pad… great. Second time in a row within a week, greatness… what are the odds, next time, I’m pulling guard.


My 2003 black Jeep is archaic as it comes, standard, no power windows, no power locks, power steering though… oh got a car starter installed a few years ago… lets just say shifting sucked lol. Your toe and ball of your feet are very important lol… but heck!

No rest for the wicked… need to get some kind of cardio in before BJJ…


I didn’t want to be that guy… hahahah

Any who, Nathan ran a 10 min warm-up, then I got the guys and gals to do a few partner drills involving the butterfly butt scoots and maintaining your hooks while your partner walked backwards. After that,  drilling consisted of 2 min sessions, each of scissor sweeps, pendulum sweeps, then the flower sweep. The advance guys had to finish with a submission. Technique mainly was the tripod, aka hook sweep… great times. They then repped it out for 2 min sessions with full on resistance twice each. After that we rolled… six 5 minute rounds. Yep lots of rolling lol…

Cute clip of our class…

One of the few errors i keep noticing is that everyone is trying to do the reviewing fast and hard….


Sorry its true… focus on getting the technique correct, before accelerating it… lol crawling, walking, running??

ohhhh and my results from rowing below


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