Dec 27/15 Sunday Morning BJJ

Still behind… but gaining ground.


Got to LEMMA around 9:00 am last Sunday, you bet lol… I got some rowing in.

Seeing that I only row about once a week nowadays.

Down to once a week and before Sunday morning BJJ. At least I'm hear and killed my first sets average lol. BJJ soon!! Osss

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Oh well. lol

Class was fantastic!!

We started with a nice little warm-up, some drilling with isolated sweeps from closed guard, reviewed the star sweep, then a bunch of 5 min rounds of rolling.

Great crew out. We had a visiting brown belt from Complete MMA in Regina, Paul, who joined in on our morning training session. Was great to have the opportunity to roll with him, fun fun! Pretty fast on his feet and a very good top control game!

Been practising these head stand things to improve my balance and strengthen my neck… lol

Got a clip of me showing the star sweep from closed guard to all the homies that attended the class…

Clip of the whole class and us rolling from last Sundays BJJ morning session…

Overall great class a lot of tough rounds…

Wrist, toe, and ankle is still mangled.

Thank god for Tiger Balm and tape lots of tape. lol…


Still waiting for the Battle Balm, can’t wait.

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