5 thoughts on “Watch “How I gave up my Purple Belt at a New Gym (And Why You Shouldn’t)” on YouTube

  1. Great video!

    When somebody comes into my club (we teach Japanese Jiu-jitsu) with a grade in jiu-jitsu they are allowed to keep wearing the belt they earned. It doesn’t matter what style Japanese Jiu-jitsu or BJJ what ever belt they have they are allowed to ware.

    They DO however need to grade through our syllabus from yellow on to ensure they know our system and way of doing things, but we never hold anybody back.

    I have had some students keep there current belts and others have decided to don the white belt again, but it’s always the students decision.

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  2. I think as long as the belt was earned through an instructor with a legit lineage (and isn’t that what separates BJJ from most other martial arts) the belt should be kept. We are all individual and unique and so are our skill sets and abilities.

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