Cats out of the bag lol…

First off, I want to thank Matt Richer at Leading Edge MMA for giving me the opportunity to grow, train, learn, and teach for almost 2 decades… I feel blessed to be part of the LEMMA Community and will continue to teach AM classes there every Sunday as usual. Thank you for allowing me to grow personally as well as starting the BJJFourlife Community.

I’ve been dreaming about growing the Jiu-jitsu community here in Thunder Bay and hosting BJJ tournaments for NW Ontario, since the Hillcrest park days where Matt let me organize run in-house BJJ tournaments, “in the near future-again”. To do this I need to grow from my basement dojo to a larger space. I am extremely grateful to announce that BJJFourlife will now be offering BJJ training opportunities at the Volunteer Pool. This would not be possible without collaboration with the Thunder Bay Judo Club.

Come learn from a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt that has been teaching for the Leading Edge MMA team in Thunder Bay for over a decade.

Open House Feb 28th, 2023… come visit, train, roll and sign up! Yes kids are welcome!

Hopefully in the future I can have more programs to offer… so far Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and if you have a membership with us, Judo and some Yoga to stretch out which after years of mat time, I need!

More information, Schedule and Membership fees visit

Thank you in advance for your support and feel free to reach out with questions –

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